Hello everyone. I officially launched Links trading platform has 2 days Alexa ranked by leaps and bounds, increased from about 9000000 before to about 6000000 now, although there are still some distance away from the target, but I will continue to work hard, IP is not much, from No. 26 began to do propaganda every day, the overall development trend is stable, the current pay advertising did not intend to carry out formally, after a period of operation and, below I share do Links platform every day needs to be done, is a summary of my work.

my link exchange platform propaganda is basically divided into four processes, a QQ group publicity. Two, similar stations update publicity. Three, each big Adsense BBS send advertising stickers. Four, station information update.

, QQ group promotion: This is to do something every day, as a webmaster every morning to open QQ is a must do, I also, the first thing I do every morning, so how to publicize the QQ group it is very simple, first you want to send the advertising copy for example:

Hello, I would like to introduce you to a free link platform for you to hope to be able to help you.

XXX network: www.admin5.com to build the most professional link trading platform, links, exchange, sale, purchase, a new user experience to help you succeed!

, if you have an interest in the expression of interest to look at the next day to remember to update the update every time you want to bring your home page.

copy paste is so simple, I think a lot of people will

(points): every day at least more than +5 Links exchange group, and others for advertisers, you give him a private chat back to the past, the general demand will come to your website, don’t annoy him in the group, you must T. Even if others in you don’t, but not a word not occasionally on not take a ride to the main line that you said to prevent T, and remember to see the group’s attention group announcement some group is that you need to modify the requirements in accordance with his group name card, does not comply with the requirements of the certainly it will be T, QQ basic group will be introduced here

two, similar website information update

This is why

will do it, we Links platform is the basic need of Links exchange, or free publicity, every time you update your station can be displayed on the home page first position, whether it is to do Links webmaster or to publicize the webmaster must remember to update each platform update time are not the same, the best time to update so you say a day had many opportunities to show the benefits of information about updates. One can increase the display rate, two can increase the chain of their site, I feel it is also a link platform >

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