recent news that Baidu has been in contact with the Chinese travel, may acquire the latter. From my point of view, if Baidu smart, it should be at all costs to buy the acquisition.

today’s Internet users, access to the network has been transferred from the portal to the search, the next step will turn to where there is no doubt that the future is the custom of the network, it will be the future of all industries.

wondered why the search has been so half-dead, I believe that the search direction is absolutely correct, then why could be attributed to the custom search too stiff, in advocating freedom of the network in the world, few people can accept this recommendation. The different travel, look at the current installed capacity, when the user has become accustomed to it, it will slowly get used to it, especially these changes make them more convenient time. If you can seize the current user roaming, then not far in the future, perhaps the network access point will be customized from the search to travel. For a rainy day, from whatever angle, Baidu should now take advantage of the travel, through the implantation of traveling in their own, so that we can really sleep without any anxiety in the future market.

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