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1995, China’s first Internet Co.

in 2015, "the Internet thinking" and "Internet plus" has almost no one I do not know.

The origin of

to write this article, this 20 years thinking from some sporadic, the evolution of the Internet mainstream products Chinese, behind the track of what is


in the process of thinking, I often have the following exclamation –


Internet industry although the myriads of changes behind some of the raging like a storm, but the public psychology and demands and rules, is always the same and the One principle runs through it all.


for older users and the Internet circles are one thing, basically not too controversial is the starting point for the development of the Internet, Chinese, is 20 years ago on the streets of Zhongguancun, it is called "Ying Haiwei" company. Maybe people will never forget, is the very classic yinghaiwei advertising —

"how far is it from the information highway to the north that is 1500 metres north?."

so, you found that, 20 years ago in China, the Internet is the biggest attraction for people, is "information". Most people in the most important information access channels or watch news network era, the information is still 100% of the scarcity of goods.

also has a product form, the first fire up, it takes a large amount of information and information together according to various classification, on a site such as a large general be pushed to the user, so that users can enjoy browsing news, consulting, news and social events here lace.

this product form, is called the "gateway", alluding to the name at that time, they were numerous netizens entrance into the Internet world.

the early portal well developed several, have listed, also has become the world’s first generation of Internet Chinese panda darling. Here, including Sina, Sohu and NetEase.

information is good, but see more for a long time, avoid fatigue. So, soon, soon there are some people who think that only stem is not fun, they also have their own voice and sound, also want to discuss with others.

so there is a fast form of popular products, it is the forum. The content of the portal is completely different from the editor

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