1, product (service) query display website

the core purpose of this website is to promote products (services), is the product of the enterprise "display box". The use of multimedia network technology, database technology, 3D display technology, effective combination of pictures and text description, the company’s products (services) to fully show the new and old customers, so that customers can understand the full range of company products. Compared with the product printing information, the website can create a more intuitive atmosphere and product appeal, prompting businesses and consumers have the desire to purchase products, thereby promoting the enterprise sales.

2, brand promotion website

this kind of website emphasizes the creative design very much, but is different from the general plane advertisement design. Web site using multimedia interactive technology, dynamic web technology, with advertising design, the company’s brand on the Internet to play incisively and vividly. This type of website focuses on the enterprise CI, spread the brand culture, improve the brand awareness. For a large number of product brands of enterprises, you can create a separate brand independent website, in order to promote marketing strategy and website unity.

3, enterprise foreign business website

is the core goal of this kind of website, which provides the enterprises with various kinds of foreign affairs through internet. This website can realize the distribution channel, terminal sales, partner management, online procurement, online services, logistics management, service management and customer service, it will further optimize the existing service system, to achieve effective management of the company’s branch, dealers and customer service service providers and consumers, accelerate the information flow of enterprise capital flow, logistics operation efficiency, reduce the operating costs of enterprises, for enterprises to create additional revenue, reduce the operating costs of enterprises.

4, online shopping website

popular said, is the realization of online trading products, the purchase of the object can be B2B, can also be a consumer (B2C). In order to ensure the success of procurement, the website needs to have product management, order management, order management, product recommendation, payment management, charge management, delivery management, membership management and other basic system functions. Complex product sales, online shopping sites also need to establish the integral management system, VIP management system, customer service management system, sales analysis system and internal Invoicing (MIS, ERP) dealing with the import and export of data system. This type of website can open up new marketing channels, expand the market, but also the most direct contact with consumers, access to first-hand product market feedback, is conducive to market decision-making.

5, enterprise portal integrated information website

this kind of website is the synthesis of all kinds of enterprise website, it is the window of new and old customers, the industry and the whole society. The website will be the daily work of foreign companies on the Internet, including marketing, technical support, after-sales service, materials procurement, social public

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