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Taobao mall official data show that the number of orders during the day Taobao mall breakthrough 20 million single, Alipay turnover exceeded 3 billion 360 million, a total of, the mall Taobao Alipay deal is a breakthrough in 5 billion 200 million, this figure is the total retail sales of Hongkong 6 days.

is not only Taobao, Jingdong,, where the mall and other large B2C mall sales in the day period is also straight up. Industry analysts believe that marketing is playing singles actually psychological tactics, arouse the desire of consumers to buy and will turn it around the actual purchase behavior.

but when the day heat faded, questioning voice began to appear. In the singles day appeared in the captured goods, forcing consumers to businesses invalid refund, commodity price discount first again, the phenomenon of violations of consumer rights. Consumers ask: electricity supplier promotional activities is really benefit or play a gimmick? Behind the rising sales of electricity supplier costs, it is understood that this year, Taobao mall double 11 invested a billion dollars in advertising.

opportunities and challenges

low cost and efficiency in recent years, so that the electricity supplier has become hot, but this does not mean that the development of electricity providers. Payment of a single logistics and courier bottleneck is still the current electricity supplier companies need to think and break through. In the singles promotion, huge volume in considerable profit at the same time, also caused no small burden on the banking system of major banks, Analysys International analyst Zhang Meng said that if all transactions are completed through the banking system, the banking system China are likely to face paralysis.

even made full preparations, the express enterprises are faced with unexpected pressure on the day of arrival, concentrated within a short period of time, is to let the express sorting and transport courier bluntly be taken by surprise, the pressure comparable to the spring. It is understood that many courier companies in the day not only full out, more is to recruit hundreds of temporary workers "war", in addition to operating workers, has been ahead of the increased number of vehicles is stretched, not have to use fully enclosed vehicles.

According to the September

data show that the first half of the growth rate of online shopping in central and Western China is 98%, far more than the East, and this year in the Midwest City three or four line of sales will exceed 70 billion yuan, the huge potential of online shopping to attract more entrepreneurs and investors, the growth of e-commerce is still a huge space.

scale grasp

from the beginning of last year, the day the unwritten festival will be playing a marketing head. But there is a logical evaluation of the marketing media day is simple and crude, and even some people call it sad. In the electricity supplier industry increasingly fierce competition today, the price is not the only standard to attract consumers.

senior Internet observers, speed transit network columnist kicked off that business enterprise in the singles show >

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