has predicted that this year the Spring Festival will be the group purchase industry the death damages


from the beginning of 2008, group purchase website gradually surfaced, with the group purchase website quickly became popular in the China, to buy low quality products for the characteristics, won the hearts and minds of consumers, so the recent two years, whether students or a businessman, saw this fat oil group purchase, start their own group purchase website. The China within two years out of more than 5000 companies to provide business group purchase website, and most of the COPY repeat each other not to mind taking the trouble of the old group purchase form. It is such a constant buy site continue to appear, making China’s market to buy a saturated state, the flood in China today,

I think most of them don’t survive in 2012.

group purchase has experienced more than two years of development, but the market China group purchase is still in the development stage of cultivating, the consumer mind is not mature enough, the user scale is not large, still need to improve the production efficiency of suppliers, the market capacity is still ten billion scale. Most of the network is troubled by the speed and efficiency of the contradiction, no benefits, will soon fall; to profitability, and no scale, but also will perish. General website is trapped in the speed and effectiveness of the dilemma is difficult to extricate themselves.

group purchase industry experienced a very significant adjustment, this is a historic adjustment, making the whole industry chain matures, the consumer group purchase has the habit, this is a solid foundation for the rational development of group purchase industry. According to the delegation network data show that in November 2011, in the country’s 3800 active buy network, turnover of more than only one of Juhuasuan, 1-5 has a total of 6, between 10 million and 100 million reached 15. Overall market is optimistic. No doubt, the Juhuasuan performance let people see the future, group purchase industry is promising, there may be from the "winter" into "nuanchun". But in China, does not represent the group purchase industry’s overall prosperity. China group purchase industry to become bigger and stronger, forming a big market scale of billions, must hold together for warmth, enhance the whole industry credibility and influence.

buy site want to survive in this crisis and can make money, there are two ways to go back and forth:

a, buy site is large enough, so buy site to the platform company;


platform is a single plank bridge road. Most want to do Chinese version of Groupon independent group purchase website can quit, because Taobao Juhuasuan’s market in the United States more energy than Groupon, but Taobao is the flow of the main entrance Chinese e-commerce. U.S. mission stationed in Juhuasuan, is to tell us this.

two, buy site dedicated enough, such a buy site is generally expert.

focus in order to bring a better customer experience, focusing on the business to provide more

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