20 years ago today, in 1994 April 20th, Chinese through a 64K international line, full access to the Internet, which has become the starting point of Chinese Internet era, China Internet era from opening.

To everyone’s memories of

this time is different, the past 20 years, the change of the world is so big, 20 years ago, when I was in college, the Internet is simply a Arabian Nights like myth, mysterious, I from 1997 for the first time online, 2014 I was unable to leave the network, all sorts of the story of more than and 10 years of Internet experience, have left me with a lot of memories, as a long time online old users, I have reason to remember that ten years of Internet experience finishing it, is one of my own for the China Internet memoir.

1997: the first year of China’s Internet

although China in 1994 opened the Internet, but the Internet really into the homes of ordinary people, and began to leap type development, in the year of 1997, the year, called the first year of China’s internet.

1997 China Telecom launched for the domestic price relatively low 163 mesh and 169 mesh, so that ordinary users can access the application from the bureau to account, net 163 setup fee of only 100 yuan, while the 169 network without the application of a direct dial telephone number can surf the Internet, very convenient.

The first computer

I bought in 1997 (P133, 16M memory, 1.2G hard drive, 14 inch display, a total of 8 thousand dollars to buy), but also in that year for the first time on the Internet, to the Internet, I have spent 2 thousand yuan to buy a 33.6K speed of MODEM, the hardware is not the Internet philippines.

At that time the

Telecommunication Bureau 163 net accounts need to record personal information, then the Internet access is a network service to pay 0.2 yuan per minute and 0.14 telephone charges every three minutes, the Internet ten minutes every day, will be 200 yuan fee for a month, a day one hour a month, Internet access will be close to 500 yuan. Business users more exaggerated, the 64K line will be 30 thousand yuan per month, when the telecom operators is simply stealing money.

Internet speed and then the user MODEM, my 33.6Kbps MODEM Internet experience really flattered, open a web page to wait for several minutes, Internet access and telephone charges are very expensive, so I do most of the things that the Internet is to download software and email.

because the tariff is more expensive, in 1997, I CFIDO BBS time is far more time online, said from the price and speed, then there is a great advantage of CFIDO BBS BBS, the price is low, downloadable software rich, fast.

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