lead: the British "Financial Times" online edition wrote today, as more and more users start using ad blockers, a threat to the survival of the network publishers, for a network advertising battle has quietly begun.

below is the full text of the article:

an electronic war has quietly started, one side is the Internet users, the other is the market size of up to $120 billion in the online advertising industry.

of course, the online advertising market is unlikely to be enemies with the Internet users, their real opponent is the use of Internet users advertising shield. It is estimated that about 140 million Internet users around the world use AdBlock Edge and Adblock Plus and other software to block web advertising. Adobe and PageFair’s study showed that the number of people using this type of shielding software grew by 70% last year.

is opposed to Google and Germany, RTL and other companies rely on advertising for a living. They are in use of various weapons to combat ad blockers, sometimes with cash to buy, sometimes in court. Due to the high interest of billions of dollars, some sites have even deployed a number of techniques to bypass the shielding software, resulting in the escalating competition in the online advertising industry.

advertising shield will have a substantial impact on the publisher’s revenue." Mike · Mike (Zaneis) said that he served as general counsel in the United States IAB, the organization’s members about the U.S. online advertising market contributed 3/4 of the share.

if consumers want to use the free Internet, you can not let this advertising shield continues to spread." He said. He added that the major content publishers are trying to find radical solutions.

Andy, director of

Europe’s advertising business, · Hart (Andy Hart), said the consumer’s aversion to online advertising from the pop-up ads, such as intrusive advertising too strong. He believes that the problem lies in the way the advertising screen is too blunt, because it will shield all advertising, including even to enhance the user experience of advertising".

young people are the first to use the advertising shield of the crowd, so focus on the network of content publishers in this group is the biggest impact. It is worth mentioning that the young group is precisely the most valued advertisers groups.

Steven, general manager of

UK video game site PlayStation ·, Universe (Steven Williamson), said the company currently has as many as 40% of the readers using the advertising shield.

he said, "we strive to convince users to" abandon advertising shielding, but did not work. "If we operate in the way they want, there will be a lot of websites that can’t make ends meet."

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