vulnerability reporting platform cloud millet forum database leaked


millet forum database leakage


millet forum database leak user data exposure


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leakage in SkyDrive millet forum database


yesterday evening, there are micro-blog users broke the news that the millet forum database leaked, spread in the hacker world, involving about 8 million data, mostly about 13 years old data. After dark cloud platform confirmed that the results indicate that the official data has indeed suffered a spill, affecting about 8 million registered users forum.

at present, the vulnerability report has been submitted to the official for emergency treatment, prior to millet forum users to modify the password, to avoid the impact of millet cloud leading to mobile phone sensitive information leakage.

it is understood that the current information database has been circulated in SkyDrive, although it has already been blocked again download. Vulnerability report provides information that leaked data contains a user name, password, mailbox, registered IP and password salt (salt) and other information, the amount of data and micro-blog news basically true.

in addition, due to the characteristics of millet cloud account, if the account password is compromised, personal data backup is likely to affect the user, such as mail list, text messages, photos, GPS location information even remotely wipe data (formatted), mobile phone safety, millet forum user must change password.

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