if the most hot industry, none other than non live. The next outlet of the industry in the eyes of entrepreneurs and investors in the past year, ushered crazy barbaric growth.

data show that as of June 2016, China’s online audience reached 325 million, accounting for the overall Internet users of 45.8%. At present, nearly 200 domestic online broadcast platform, and more than 80% of the companies have access to financing.

although 90% of the broadcast platform is A round of financing and its previous, but there is no lack of industry leaders. In August this year, announced the completion of Betta live 1 billion 500 million yuan C round of financing, investment and Tencent led by phoenix. Six months ago, they had received 670 million yuan B round of financing, Tencent invested 400 million yuan investment led. As of now, the fish has a total amount of financing more than 2 billion yuan.

, however, is the so-called "low tide to know who is swimming naked". Just the way of financing, profit should be an important factor to determine which broadcast platform can "fly" — and this is the broadcast platform zhizhiwuwu.

accident is that, in September 21st, reflecting the live broadcast of A shares of Listed Companies in Kunlun, the World Wide Web released a notice to disclose the financial situation of the passengers. Announcements, 2015 total revenue of 30 million 483 thousand and 600 yuan, net profit of $1 million 672 thousand and 800. The amount is not large, but the customer is one of the few to be able to live platform.

it is worth noting that the announcement mentioned, Kunlun World Wide Web intends to sell 3% of the shares, priced at $210 million, which means that the valuation of the customer has reached 7 billion yuan.

In contrast,

, dragon ball, tiger Betta veteran broadcast platform, there is still a loss. Even revealed that the teeth loss in 2015 up to 387 million yuan. Founded in 2015 March, reflecting off, after the identity of the newcomers why can first achieve profitability? Explore the reasons from the start of the broadcast platform business model.

at present, the broadcast platforms are used to extract and limit the cash withdrawal business model, the difference is only the proportion of pumping and withdrawals upper limit. Reflected in the proportion of pumping is not high, about 31%, while the proportion of some platforms pumping up to 65%. If you just look at this point, it is hard to see why customer profitability, reflecting other platform losses, profit is actually a real constraint broadcast platform huge anchor their signing expenses.

it is understood, reflecting the guest is very few and signing the contract anchor, salary is only a few thousand dollars, and Betta, panda platform signing anchor prices have reached 10 million. Last year, the game has been a live broadcast of the industry’s top 25 anchor worth, the highest anchor worth more than $20 million, the twenty-fifth anchor worth has more than $3 million.

yes, burn loss can be seen as entrepreneurs to become the end of a unicorn means. But the direct broadcast industry is not only a loss, it is the most difficult problem is false complex

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