recently, easy to car and opened a new round of subsidies, recharge return different proportion of cash, "selling combined with the music of other products, and give new users with greater subsidies.


in the travel market has been developing for several years under the background of new price subsidies to pull more and more low, when after the various opponents have begun the layout in the field of technology, travel extension algorithm, the first to enter the car market is still easy to stay in subsidies war in the car market, it got up early dry late.

however, repeatedly missed the opportunity to continue the transformation, the subsidy can not be allowed to immediately occupy a large market share, and once deployed subsidies will stop the story of the capital will also be cut, can see the acquisition delay downhill easy to, but the different demands of both sides there may be contradictions more.


subsidies to wear a vest" is still not sustainable

and Uber after drops both burn $one billion level of subsidies, and finally took the absolute market share, while the two final after the merger, the travel market into the next stage of the competition, such as technical algorithm, user experience and communication and coordination with the government.

is a fact that, when Uber spent a lot of money to take ten percent share, finally concluded that the travel industry has entered the competition stage efficiency, money is not the end.

so easy to state is very contradictory, if not continue to burn can not get more market share, and old customers will give other products, car market capital once the end of the story, continue to burn will face capital chain tension dilemma.

is one of two, easy to have to choose to continue subsidies, so also appeared to play the ecological situation and anti LETV, music, mobile phone recharge send membership "wear the vest" subsidy activities, but this so-called reverse ecological pattern is obvious for easy to abuse.

anti concept can not solve the easy dilemma

under this subsidy model, the music is not purely for easy to transport resources, and users are not for the brand choice is easy to car, mobile phone, send send members of this activity at a time two times, but never can be maintained for a long time, the user will get tired of this form, users want most in subsidies in fact, pure or direct subsidies, and non members and mobile phone.

in front of real money subsidies, is easy to xinweitu inadequate, as their cash flows are not so abundant. And easy to far from their own hematopoietic stage.

unfortunately, as the music ecology for easy to expectations, more is to absorb resources, rather than resources. It can not provide the same level of BAT in terms of traffic and subsidies to provide strong support, once the easy to continue to be transported as the music, and become

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