I wanted to write this article

a long time ago, but has no time, today I put this thing to say, the first is to vent their emotions, the second is to tell everyone Bertelsmann ever hurt a young soul.

when I was in middle school, often see Bertelsmann advertisements in magazines, almost mainstream magazines can see its footprint, I also love to see the dream boy, and I was reading extracurricular books, where is a small town, no conditions to buy some good books, every time I see the book recommended by Bertelsmann there is a, the impulse to buy, at that time, the book is all of my life.

Because the

is in the home school, so parents pocket money for my control is very strict, every day only up to 2 dollars in pocket money, I ended a month, filled with 60 dollars, to the post office to the hope of the 60 blocks to bertelsmann. From the beginning of the day, I am very happy every day, because they have hope.

day is a day in the past, every time I go to school to go to the reception room look at the mailbox, unfortunately, to this day I have not received the Bertelsmann book, a young heart has been hurt bertelsmann.

before that Bertelsmann Chinese officially announced the termination of business in China, I feel a sense of excitement, I know this kind of excitement is called Schadenfreude, already forget again picked up, but there are also some sympathy for the psychological, or a friend of the motherland: Bay Tasman underestimate piracy career.

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