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Analysys International Analysys think tank released in Shenzhen on 21, the line mobile payment will usher in the outbreak, the scene from the original line direction will consume large financial transfers, remittances and Internet shopping gradually small and high frequency of development.


report pointed out that in 2014 the third party payment companies acquiring Internet transaction volume reached 88161 yuan, the third party payment companies acquiring Internet competition is relatively stable, according to the 2014 Chinese third party payment companies acquiring Internet transaction share, Alipay accounted for almost half of the country, accounting for 46.15%, caifutong accounted for 18.08%, China UnionPay online payment is 14.65%.

enfodesk forecast, 2015 Chinese ecological layout Internet giants such as BAT tends to improve, will lead to substantial development of traditional service industry; the Internet spawned O2O more new gameplay, Manicure, housekeeping and other on-site service is developing rapidly; the concept of big data cooling, get the actual landing application in many fields; the mobile marketing industry will usher in a period of explosive growth, mobile marketing ecosystem matures.

according to Analysys think tank on the P2P net loan market monitoring data, 2014 P2P net loan industry scale increases rapidly, reaching 201 billion 260 million yuan, an increase of 117%, the net loan platform innovation capabilities continue to improve, industry scattered characteristics is still obvious, the market space is still huge rise.

P2P enterprises will become the darling of the investment market, the industry gradually standardized, manufacturers face reshuffle, the gradual emergence of the competitive landscape." According to Analysys think tank senior analyst Li Li introduced in 2015, Internet banking will become more and more mature, from a policy perspective, the Internet financial regulatory rules promulgated, will be on the initial stage of development of Internet financial industry overall guidance, play a positive role in promoting, P2P, raise public regulatory rules promulgated, will establish industry access threshold, to further standardize the market, the protection of investors.

2015, intelligent hardware will continue to innovate, a variety of wearable devices to achieve innovation and optimization, but by the hardware development and non just need to control, the industry has not yet to break point." Li Li told reporters that the higher curvature and flexibility better, higher resolution screen release, wearable device manufacturers will bring new attractions and bring new interactive experience for the user, which led to the expansion of market scale.

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