it is understood that by the end of 2012, the newly established network of credit unions in Shanghai will build overdue borrowers blacklist system, pat the loan in the union, Lu Jin and other institutions in the share of overdue borrowers in 10. Currently, the plan is being developed, will soon start the implementation of the fastest system in the year on-line.

For the problem of

network lending platform how to deal with the borrower overdue information, after the newspaper had "ppdai overdue user information collection" P2P exposure by sun? "(September 29, 2012 7 edition) as reported.

Mr. Zhao

P2P senior industry source said on the "daily economic news" reporter: "the current is not what better way, may also be a pat on the loan in order to safeguard the interests of investors last ditch, if you want to improve, is really the blacklist sharing system well. The ability of the net loan companies in the future can be embedded in such a system of their own loan audit system to identify borrowers."

the fastest time to build a shared system

it is understood that the current domestic P2P net loan platform, a variety of types of models, different types of risk control system, less communication between the platform, no shared information. Some borrowers to take advantage of this loophole in many places a high amount of borrowing and Piandai not also affect the reputation of the industry.

brand director Zhu the Great Wall to pat the loan "daily economic news" reporter said: "in order to cope with this situation, the construction of net loan blacklist system, first run in Shanghai net loan to members of the alliance between enterprises. To establish a blacklist system, means that the user will not be able to include in the blacklist, pat loans 10 Shanghai net loan platform to obtain loans, which can boost investor confidence, will make the net loan industry more transparent. Can foresee the future net loan companies hold together, together to resist the Piandai behavior is represent the general trend."

, according to Zhu Changcheng introduction, the blacklist of overdue data system by the Shanghai net loan union or Shanghai Information Service Industry Association took the lead, the technology will be mainly by Pat loan support. By the end of last year, 10 companies have the intention to establish a blacklist sharing system, is expected to start in April this year will be implemented, the fastest system in the year on-line. Blacklist system is the best vision and the central bank credit system docking.

it is reported that the Shanghai net loan union is under the guidance of the letter by the Commission in Shanghai, led by the Shanghai Information Service Industry Association, Shanghai 10 net loan service companies to form an alliance. The alliance stakeholders also told reporters: this thing will be done this year, the league has this plan, the specific need to discuss the meeting again."

Shanghai net loan union members, including pat credit and China Ping An’s Lujiazui international financial assets exchange. Lu Jin relevant person also said: before there is such a vision, Lu Jin will also participate in the."

Zhao believes: blacklist sharing is a good thing, you can protect the interests of investors, but still depends on the details of how to implement. How.

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