the day before yesterday to give you the idea for a story about the classic site analysis of the article, a lot of mistakes, which therefore, 9A webmaster Wangzhuan feel very sorry the webmaster support to 9A webmaster Wangzhuan so I’ve come to give you the original article, I hope you can forgive 9A long Wangzhuan in a previous article in mistakes, 9A webmaster Wangzhuan wholeheartedly for the majority of owners to provide higher service, for all of us to raise revenue to provide modest


now novel website basically do pop-up ads, how to promote the site to bring more traffic related income the webmaster to the site, we all know that search engine is a good way to cater to a fast track, but due to the program’s Web site, born of the search engine is not very friendly, so many owners feel distressed, as the 9A webmaster Wangzhuan apology article here, I will give you a new way of thinking, should be effective, specific rely on everyone to practice.

The original

hao123 why will be successful, do not know if you have not thought, although I have to give you an analysis of hao123 way to success, I think the webmaster also just stay in and see the point of the article, and without thinking, personally, have a great relationship. Page hao123 success and the the website, the master here, think of how to enhance the estimation of novel website traffic, what? No idea? That is not busy, I will give you a specific method, analysis, the Internet now innumerable novels, good and the bad, we read novels is to look good, not the number to see more, so how to provide some of the products of the novel that apparently everyone’s favor, so I will give you a reliable method, was the way I was going to He runs while doing this, now for everyone to apologize, registered a novel website domain name space, do not buy directly with your present space, build a similar hao123 page, and the difference is that the content of hao123 is the site, and you are novel, specific the novel link address, of course your novel website address.

is more than simple analysis methods, but there are also some attention, you’re in the static page with novel, must be the best work, the specific want you to search, do not mislead readers, misleading one, can, two times, but many times, you can say that the past? Many webmaster eyes is very short, quench, know why I write this article? I just let the webmaster understand is really to the webmaster, actually said to those wrong what, I don’t have a few typos? If I don’t take it seriously, we are not know who I am, but this is contrary to the 9A webmaster Wangzhuan the original intention for the webmaster service! I think in any case, I want to at least afford to support the 9A webmaster Wangzhuan owners, to afford those to 9A station To the webmaster Wangzhuan activity.


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