1 "virtual currency V treasure pyramid scam: 100 thousand game player  

dream of riches;

missed bitcoin, Wright currency, can not miss the V treasure."

"ship king Onassis family’s investment bank was full of praise for the V treasure, the first 10 million euros of investment will be announced in the near future."

next month, 15 listed on the U.S. stock exchange, will become the world’s first u.s.."

hot in August, this information appears in all the QQ group V treasure, many game player in the sound drops as one falls, another rises, excitedly exchanging everything about V treasure.

V treasure, also known as Vpal, according to organizers publicity, V treasure is a new generation of virtual currency, after the purchase of V treasure, they will get the corresponding calculation, that can get the corresponding V treasure return. But want to get more revenue, we must carry out the promotion, that is, the development of offline, will be attached to the bottom of the wallet in the wallet, you can get the corresponding promotion force, get greater benefits.

2 Iqiyi chief content officer Ma Dong: pirated video website cannot survive

Internet video industry is becoming a force that can not be ignored, swept the film industry.

"in today’s market environment, it is impossible to have any pirated video companies can continue to survive." Yesterday (September 16th) morning international copyright Forum on Iqiyi’s chief content officer Ma Dong made a keynote speech.

for copyright protection to promote the role of the Internet video industry, Ma Dong deep feelings. In his view, the film copyright protection has also given the network video company original film and television works. "Film and television copyright protection mechanism of the increasingly perfect, so that the film market has become more fair and effective."

in July this year, Iqiyi established film company, plans a year with domestic and foreign film companies combined exports more than 8 big screen movies. This year is the first step in the Chinese video site to the screen, thanks to the film industry’s confidence in the copyright market environment." Ma Dong told the "daily economic news" reporter the interview said, "the homemade video works will become the core competitiveness of the network video company, Iqiyi will increase investment in self content."

3 Nora is how to use P2P technology into a rogue?  

Nora was closed without warning, in April 22nd, a large number of police entered Nora’s headquarters in Shenzhen, seized all the computer, this scene was spread rapidly in micro-blog, a lot of people have to accept the fact that hard to believe, Nora really come to an end. Before that day, Nora is one of the largest video on demand, even if there is a QQ video and threats storm, it still dominated exclusive P2P technology web video on demand a share of 80%, tens of thousands of a feed

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