paste it? All know! All day long in the post bar on a few people! How to use it?

today to talk about!

said a little, do not use Baidu Post posting machine! For no reason? Easy to be titles! Don’t register the N number to a waste of time!!

want to send to send the quality of the post! I give you an example!

how do you eat a human gorilla? / Title (the more bizarre the better)

is a hunter to hunt in the forest, he took the 3 sword, he believes that there is no anything under his 3 knife alive, he walked on and met a man eating Gorilla gorilla, beating his chest towards him he threw the first approximation. Flying. But he left the orangutan catch; he threw second knife, I did not expect it to be their right hand; at last he threw the last knife; all of a sudden rain, wind chaos flying sand and rolling pebbles, the knife was finally finished! Loathsome beasts mouth live, brave hunters despair; damn proud gorilla cried and roared again; the outcome is, the gorilla died. Why????????

replies automatically display the answer in the following pictures, in order to let everyone take this post top up

related maps:

2 has its own connection pictures, a program with a reference, and then input parameters, "in the second picture on the answer in station for the first picture with the ordinary map it! If you can’t find the source code, you can go to ‘

‘ in the webmaster exchange!

so the Lord will delete our posts? Haha!

we do not have a connection! Ha ha!

remember the last time a strongman with "a female marriage" to obtain a large number of IP, although PV is not very high! But first video advertising revenue is considerable! With much like him, it is easy to use software titles! But every day to send word, also can not be ignored


well, here today, waiting for the next resolution!

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