"today you 844000?" to leave the hometown once yearning for big city people, I am afraid now longing for the big city has had a bit of regret, especially my hometown with vigour and vitality of the relocation, some well-known large enterprises have settled into their home, compared to the high salary and big city more than the consumption level big city, the common people life happiness index, is far less than the country people, it is not alarmist, many young people hunting has changed turn the world upside down changes, and even some of them have become true account of the college students wanted to become agriculture accounts for


and on the contrary, investment in the edge region to choose the factory many enterprises, in addition to the local government some preferential policies, from rent, plant, energy consumption greatly save a fortune, but because of lack of small local employment, it is difficult to recruit the right talent, under this environment, the establishment of a talent local website, has a broad market.

how to operate a local talent website? First, before we launched in the talent website, need to do a simple market survey, the survey included the basic situation of the local talent market, the local labor demand, and the local population, not less than 300 thousand people. The local large enterprises have what effect? The local population flowing is frequent? Whether the black intermediary exists, this point is very important, because there are a lot of black intermediary, operating local talent market, big market potential. Finally, it should also be noted that local businesses advertised in the qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin on whether to invest, 58 city classifieds site Ganji, whether the local job seekers and employers recognized, were investigated from the perspective of basic to have a general understanding of local talent demand.

well, online website, update the content, chain promotion, use SEO means to select several keywords to optimize website, these are the basis of website construction and promotion, in addition, how to effectively promote local talent website, we can consider from two aspects of job seekers and employers, respect the user experience is improved key site traffic.

is the first to treat job seekers, job seekers, most of them are providing free recruitment information, of course, if you have some contacts, you can also set up employment advisory fees charged to the column, job seekers, if there is no good background, or give up the profits, because now employment is precarious. So, in the website content update, we must stand in the perspective of job seekers, the relationship is the benefits and wages, if the salary of local enterprises are all written out, so many people will click and watch, of course, many enterprises in the salary of this piece is under wraps. It does not matter, as long as do update content on the local business and employment conditions, which is in line with the local color, but also in line with the needs of the target user, if can guarantee a certain amount of updating every day, do not worry about traffic.

at the same time, can not ignore the use of QQ>

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