Admin5 station network news: October 12th, Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau website "Beijing" 12th Five-Year "period of market supervision system construction plan", "the main task of the construction market supervision system in 12th Five-Year eighth" period clearly pointed out that the government management and self-discipline combined, promote the healthy development of electronic commerce.

content is as follows:

The general idea is:

regulation of e-commerce e-commerce services both development and supervision, self-management of government management and site combination, and to follow the advance prevention, credit management, and joint supervision, management and supervision according to law of the network management network.

integrated management functions, realize electronic commerce management involving government departments, coordination, supervision of the joint force. Adhere to and expand the scope of filing legitimate business website, promote the real name of the operating system, improve the transparency of business website information. Strengthen the application of modern science and technology, improve the construction of e-commerce monitoring platform, the use of search engine technology to achieve the monitoring of e-commerce sites in Beijing.

To strengthen the

trading network of goods and services a high degree of aggregation of the enterprise, to provide goods and services online trading platform service enterprises, and supervision to provide network access, server hosting, virtual hosting services of the three types of enterprises. Promote the realization of self management of large sites, and indirectly to achieve the management of many small and medium sites. Formulate relevant regulations to promote e-commerce management, and actively guide e-commerce enterprises to strengthen self-management. The use of technical means, and constantly improve the ability of investigating cases involving network, strengthen the e-commerce activities against the legitimate interests of consumers, infringement of property rights, unfair competition knowledge, supervision and advertising and other illegal acts and efforts, regulate the behavior of network transactions. To further increase the legislative process of e-commerce management, the "Beijing information promotion regulations" to amend and improve.

from the above content can be seen in the city of Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau in 2011 to 2015 this five years and to expand the scope of filing legitimate business website, website to promote the business of the real name system, improve the management of website information transparency. The record of the site involved will include a network of goods and services, trading a high degree of aggregation of the enterprise; two, to provide goods and services online trading platform service enterprises; three, providing access to the network, server hosting, virtual hosting services. These three companies not only to the website of the communications authority for the record, but also in the trade and Industry Bureau for the record to be able to operate legally. This is intended to regulate the behavior of online transactions, and promote the healthy development of e-commerce and business websites and the establishment of a sound mechanism to reduce the rate of complaints and fake and shoddy products in the Internet circulation.

at present, the domestic other city business administration department has not yet to expand the scope of the scope of the operating website and the real name system to make clear. However, this provision is the first in Beijing, the future is likely to extend to the national. In the future, it is likely that e-commerce sites, IDC service providers, and provide

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