the world is never short of wonderful".

following the end of 2015, about 60000000 of the net assets of the Bronte (430394.OC) triggered a 10 billion 500 million financing farce in less than 3 months in the new third market, a net profit of 20 million yuan last year, three new board to test (430309.OC) also dished out 5 billion set by the plan.


Brant CEO is 80, the CEO also 80, 80, you will be in the new three guards


opening is about 5 billion

can test the company mainly to do marketing, if you at the train station to see someone let you eat a bag of big fruit more, this person is likely to be easy on the staff.

is trying to sell the first signs of marketing, easy to try this company in the new three board actually live very well. From October 2014 to date, has successfully completed the 3 financing.

at the end of October 2014, the company successfully raised 5 million yuan; in May 2015, it completed 80 million 940 thousand yuan financing; November 2015, financing 165 million 528 thousand yuan. Three times together, raising up to $250 million.

behind the high financing, operating conditions are generally.

2013, the company operating income of 65 million 540 thousand yuan, net profit of 1 million 450 thousand yuan; in 2014, operating income of 117 million yuan, net profit of 4 million 830 thousand yuan; and the recently released results of letters show that 2015 operating income is expected to 195 million -2.13 million, net profit 1800-2000 million.

in fact, this performance can melt into 250 million, three new board really worthy of the company.

look at the market value of the stock is now easy to try 15.5 yuan, the market value of $893 million, assuming a net profit of 20 million, corresponding to PE close to 45 times.

but not easy to meet the trial, just before the Spring Festival, the company launched a fixed increase of up to 5 billion yuan. 10 to $12.5 per share, corresponding to 2015 performance of PE in the range of 28.79 – 39.99.

what is the concept of 5 billion yuan in the new three board market, in addition to financial institutions, in addition to which companies can complete such a large-scale financing.

earlier, about 60000000 of the net assets of the manufacturing enterprises in Dongguan Bronte (430394.OC) tried to finance 10 billion 500 million, but you know, a week later, Bo Langte 80 CEO active termination of this farce.

less than 900 million of the market value of the company’s marketing, ready to finance the 5 billion, read the king really curious, so read the monarch system of the company.

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