operating a small site, I tried a variety of different virtual host.
including domestic and foreign. The earliest use of
later more serious is that the user can not access to telecommunications, shielded.

must not, for a domestic, host name will not say.
2G, 300 yuan / year. Speed is good, that is, too many restrictions, do not collect, just update the list of web pages are not.
is obviously not in use.

no, bite, self hosted.
start looking for a server, 1U is the first choice, because the cost of hosting low;

then find a second-hand server. There are a lot of

started looking for the assembled server.
amdx2 2G DDR2 667 + 320G SATA, cut the price – $3600.

came to Zhongguancun, looking for a server to assemble the store, or the above configuration, the need for 3800.

grandma’s not believe, slowly find their own. It took half a day to get together.
perhaps careless brother said, only more than and 100 blocks, worthwhile?
my final configuration, but the two hard disk ah, the purchase price of the day was 650*2.

that is to say, if people help me to assemble a server, at least you can earn 800-1000 yuan.


machine to take home, installed on the system and software, copy a few days, found that the biggest problem is that Beiqiao chip overheating, 50 degrees.
bought a Beiqiao fan, the result is too high, mad, the man vowed that no problem, 1U hold. 35 dollars, do not bother to return back.

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