Post Bar of fire, it is super girl borrowed scenery. It is very hot stock it, it is borrowed by the people of the scenery. BBS very fire, it is the scenery of the community.

      of course, stick it, stock it, BBS is a manifestation of the community. But why paste it will be so fire, perhaps with the tipping point theory can explain. But first I explain my views: Post Bar BBS is just a fish escaped through the Seine.

      Post Bar on search engine has a long tail, but what is Post Bar essence, personal feel or have the same interest in a BBS or boring people to communicate, but the topic Post Bar launched much more random. The topic of the BBS will need someone to detonate, to pick things".

      BBS communication group is a popular topic, Post Bar seems more niche, not absolute users how Post Bar less, relatively large rise to rely on search Post Bar more than BBS users, Post Bar relies on BBS topic magnify, even if the participants in the topic only two people. Simply put it is the topic of the BBS when a large form of infinity.

      then Post Bar such a small BBS why so fire? Of course, search engines play a great role, but this is just a little. According to the theory of tipping point, there are three necessary conditions for the popularity of a product And the one who calls.

      take Baidu Post Bar, Post Bar pop why many people think it is because the super girl’s sake, in fact, the number of Baidu speculation suspects. Apart from this, post bar popular environment is to find a more fire than paste it, and then there is the aggregation of search technology. This is one.

      the same shares it is also found a fire can promote the big environment. We found that the NetEase post bar does not, it’s post bar is just the news of the review of polymerization, the same thing or the comments on the characters gradually developed into a thing or people to exchange the post bar. And the original state of the post bar is nothing more than a comment, so the search can be done post bar, updated news every day can also do the fire bar, the long tail polymerization in different ways.

      running calls on people, of course is that super girl fans or the same news to interested readers. The star is not sick, if it is more consistent with the pathological characteristics of the propagation of detonation. Super girl fans spread morbid, let.

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