China 2007 annual meeting and 100 industry website summit held in Beijing in August 16, 2007, the industry website announced a grand Chinese hundred list, and electronic business preferred IDC provider, e-commerce service provider of choice for the award. The annual guidance by the Ministry of information industry and electronic commerce association and Internet association, jointly organized by the computer world media group, CCW research and industry website research center, and Sequoia Capital, Morgan Stanley, Han and other investment institutions support. Sina as the General Assembly’s portal partner, for the general assembly produced a special topic, and the annual meeting will be broadcast live. In addition, the IT manager of the world, the economic observer, twenty-first Century economic report, Silicon Valley power, Cnet, dozens of financial and network media will attend the general assembly to report.

      according to the organizing committee said, "China industry website annual 100 summit will focus on" the industry website financing opportunity "and" vertical and comprehensive "and" e-commerce industry chain "and" credit and payment challenge "and" industry Web site "this 5 big themes, facing difficult problems the industry portal development difficult to solve the logistics bottleneck, over segmentation, through the successful person, experts, investment institutions, media, common to the industry portal development obstacles and help the industry healthy and rapid development of web portals and vertical.
      it is understood that there are currently several ten investment professionals for participants, the development prospects of the industry website has aroused many investors attention, vice president of Sequoia Capital China the industry believes that this year will be more good website development, as to the user the demand is obvious. According to the Organizing Committee of the survey, the majority of the industry site has a fixed income, but still can not rely on their own income to maintain operations, there are financing needs. Jishizixun articles industry website research center, investment guest selected the industry website list, will help investors select the investment target, find new market opportunities.

      at present, the number of China, Hello World Wide Web, business online, swan travel agency, China logistics network, Lagoo China network, nearly ten institutions for the general assembly to provide sponsorship and support.
      "the current industry Web site selection is nearing completion, we received a large number of questionnaire website reply, some industry website development into the media and investment institutions worth attention." Jishizixun senior analyst Cao Kaibin said. We will be based on the number of members of the industry website, trading volume, industry prospects, business models and growth potential and other factors, a comprehensive assessment of the industry website hundred. This list will be provided in both English and Chinese

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