A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) April 27th news, 130 million to sell one of the core business of Thunder KanKan, the thunder has also been an unprecedented decline. Look at the front of a period of time six rooms sold 2 billion 600 million, as the Internet industry veteran, 130 million of the price is a bit "cheap"


was born in the early twenty-first Century, the thunder has undoubtedly is the Internet circle of old timers, before and after 2003, along with the popularity of the Internet began China movement, a large number of Internet users into this new world, it is these people thirst for fun and games. The thunder plays a very important role, it will "channel" on the network resources to transfer of every hue of millions of personal computer, through their own time, the thunder became the tool installed after QQ software. Until today, the thunder is still one of the few national PC applications.

"on the one hand, from the video industry, Thunder KanKan although there is a certain market, but has been far away from the first camp, low market share, Thunder KanKan in the circle has been marginalized brand." Informed sources said, on the other hand, the video site is a burn of the industry, the content of the cost is very high, the thunder does not want to be dragged down.

in addition, the industry believes that the platform to abandon Thunder KanKan, thunder can avoid being criticized copyright issues. Since American investors regard Thunder KanKan as a pirated content of stolen goods, if it continues to keep Thunder KanKan, thunder may be suppressed by short sellers or face collective litigation.

abandon Thunder KanKan, which means that the company’s strategic transformation of the thunder. On the sale of a look, thunder chairman and CEO Zou Shenglong said: I am very pleased that the Board unanimously approved the sale of Thunder KanKan. As mentioned in the last earnings conference call, we believe it is necessary to use a new start to deal with the changing environment, technological innovation and a broader user expectations." According to Zou Shenglong’s argument, the thunder can not simplify the purpose of profitable business, is to focus on the management of the implementation of mobile and crystal plan strategy.

in the second half of last year, the thunder began to deliberately dilute the concept of video sites, the main industry to move the mobile Internet, the introduction of crystal plan". Allegedly, through the crystal plan, thunder can provide a better price for the fast disk storage services. Crystal plan may also reduce the cost of their own thunder. Zou Shenglong has said: Crystal plan has two purposes: first, to reduce the cost of bandwidth for the thunder itself, and the two is the hope that the crystal plan can be applied to other customers.

The sale of Thunder KanKan

, the thunder from a mainly PC based company to end mobile Internet Co restructuring, must through bold measures, adapt to the changing environment, through the technological innovation and the diversification of user experience, mining the huge growth potential.


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