content summary now some of the Internet may distort the value of the Internet, China’s Internet entertainment is too heavy."

value China Network: please talk about the current status and future development of search engines?

Liu Huafang: the basic pattern of search engines in the future will not have much change, each algorithm may be different, so the results will always exist different. The future of the search engine is fine, vertical, there will be video and other vertical search, also has great commercial value. But I think, the search engine giant Baidu, in the vertical field can not be in-depth, of course, relying on the advantages of traffic, and even if he is not the best channel, traffic will be very large.

value China Network: search engine to do the conditions you can succeed?

Liu Huafang: the first is the user experience, which can maintain the user habits; and then the market development, there is no market there is no vitality; third, is a perfect advertising system. However, perhaps the most important opportunity.

value China Network: please talk about the status quo and development trend of China’s search engine marketing market?

Liu Huafang: search engine marketing is mainly for Baidu, Google, YAHOO three, and other basic can be ignored, the difference between the three market distribution and market strategy is more and more obvious. As for the trend of development, I believe that direct and simplistic trend, which is why Baidu was one of the important reasons of direct selling system; the market is still very large, needs to be mature and development; the SEO market is also great, but this market has great uncertainty, by the search engine algorithm, the company is currently doing this many.

search engine marketing market in the future will be broader, richer, more standardized management.

value China Network: what do you think is a good search engine is the most important?

Liu Huafang: search engine technology is certainly the first, there are some technical barriers, but the technology is not so prominent that this piece. Because the Internet is changing, more and more personalized Internet, the next few years we will find.

value China Network: do you think there are VC support companies are not necessarily successful, but there is no VC support will not succeed." This sentence applies to the search engine industry? What do you think of the role of venture capitalists in the search engine industry?

Liu Huafang: This is in the affirmative, hardware cost and cost of technology search engine itself is great, no investment will certainly not do, as is the risk of investment or other forms of investment depends on the entrepreneur’s own.

value China Network: do you think China’s venture capital compared with foreign countries, what are the problems?

Liu Huafang: China venture now widespread occupation literacy problems, this problem also exists in this field, but they are now also gradually grow up, more rational.

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