drops and excellent step made in China taxi market activity, as the strength of the two companies, the cruel fight may only bring both sides, and cooperation can be a. In the face of the upcoming "new" pressure drops and step heating or self-reliance, is still a mystery.

drops the latest financing $7 billion 300 million, excellent step is also continuing financing, which is the most serious investment in the Chinese market. Every step excellent brutal fight, is not a result of



Uber came to China, but it is really an opponent, really, Uber in the drops of the home game in China to overcome the possibility of small drops. By sitting on $10 billion in cash and half of the market share, behind more Ali and Tencent. While looking around the world, Uber in addition to the Chinese market there are many places to invest, where there is no money, there is no strong opponent. May Uber, from China itself is not necessarily a bad thing.

from the point of view of drops, although the strength of the country, but after all, rely entirely on financing, even though it claims to want to go to sea, the history of China Internet Corporation has never been successful abroad. Moreover, the United States, Europe and the world is the basic step, if you want to go out drops can only rely on the huge subsidies, the funds would be difficult to support. So, the current drops through the investment money to yuho overseas rivals such as Lyft, can only be nausea at Uber, the effect may be very limited.

so there is a very delicate situation, Uber does not allow the easy to go out, drops do not let Uber come in. In this case, can we make a bold assumption that drops of Uber in China, will not be from a certain point of view together?


With the benefits of

obviously, and Uber are the first drops of the Cayman structure, are not listed. Merger is very difficult, and many shareholders overlap, the merger of the cost savings is huge. It is estimated that more than $2 billion a year can be saved. In addition to saving capital, through the merger, Uber can be dropped by the agreement to die in the Chinese market, put an end to the possibility of dropping out of the sea.

but we must note that we are talking about the "merger", and a year ago, the rapid merger is essentially different, the so-called merger is divided into spheres of influence. After all, in their own territory and not deal with the menacing opponent.

and I think the two biggest cause of the merger in the Chinese market, or because of the imminent policy pressure.

[time and again "car deal" may really be out]

donghonghong yell for more than a year, since the car appeared that day was the first at the tail of the car deal, may really want to.

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