July 20 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ge Subiao Yu Weiya) China government website how many? Where the distribution of the largest number? Recently, the first national census survey released the government website, gives a detailed answer.

as of July 7th, the various regions and departments across the country through the national government website information submitted to the government website reported a total of 85890, of which the local 82674, the State Council department of the 3216. Experts believe that the Chinese government website to find out the base, to standardize the construction of government websites, has important significance to reducing the basic function of public service of government website.

according to reports, since March this year, the general office of the State Council issued on the government website since the launching of the first national census notice, a total of 3804 units as organizational units involved in leading the government website survey work, the local or departmental. At present, the first phase of census survey work has been completed, the national government website for the first time to find out the base, 103 provincial government portal website has been completed ahead of inspection rectification, comprehensive conformity.

Peking University School of Management Associate Professor Huang Huang believes that over the past more than and 10 years, the national government at all levels in the construction of the site, the rapid growth in the number of various problems will follow. Find out the real situation, is the urgent need to standardize the management of the. The next step is to focus on the service function of the government website to do the characteristics, in order to meet the needs of society.

with the government website census conducted, the masses reflect on the government website is not timely, inaccurate, not responding, not practical, and other issues have been greatly improved. China Software Testing Center Deputy Director Zhang Shaotong said, 103 provincial government portal website has been basically eliminated and unable to access the home page is updated, according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 3 thousand columns have been updated without long-term activation". But he also pointed out that the census evaluation criteria can not be beyond the bottom line of government websites, government websites should also further improve the level of response to social concerns, improve online service functions of the effort.

reporter learned that many units did not qualify as the ultimate goal of participating in the census. Some units focus on the long-term, even from the mechanism of supervision and appraisal has introduced some new and "henzhao". It is understood that Beijing city government has decided to build the first time into the municipal authorities and the county’s performance assessment, the government website content construction has become the unit must go all out to complete a good hard task". The State Administration of Taxation website official told reporters, according to the census, the State Administration of Taxation recently redesigned the online tax service hall, etc. the main function of perfect Internet message, timely response to the needs of the taxpayers through the website. In addition, in promoting the tax network and convenient, actively provide from "home" to "as the shadow follows the form" and "Internet plus tax service experience for taxpayers.

Huang Huang believes that the service of the public is one of the basic functions of the government website, census is the most important significance of the government departments at all levels

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