world computer together, Internet will achieve

      remember the famous advertisement in Zhongguancun? In a building electronic street, hung a huge advertising, far a way station to see the ad: "world computer together, Knight will be achieved." Is this sentence most Chinese for having heard it many times, this advertisement will not only make people laugh, but also make the surging blood.

      the loss of human association, the world will be how

      Lenovo’s advertising, not only in the IT industry, even in the entire brand advertising field, it is definitely a great momentum of advertising language. In this slogan, "association" is a universal meaning, can be closely related to the development of mankind and the "contact", "imagination", and so on…… What kind of hypothesis, the form of a rhetorical question, is more suggestive of the importance of the audience. In front of the combination of "Lenovo computer" and screen play, then "Lenovo" became narrow, refers to "associate" brand. Although different "Lenovo" meaning, so that the audience "Lenovo computer of (our) world is also very important!" This "grafting" type advertisements to enhance the public ‘s brand image more effectively. In line with the group of orangutans, forests, a symbol of the full range of communication television advertising has been impressive!

      Association of this ad, than later hired a huge number of stars to shoot advertising, I do not know how many times better.

      NOKIA: Technology Based

      from Finland, the capital of Helsinki, a small town communications brand NOKIA, eventually become a world mobile communications giant, this slogan has played a great role. "Science and technology oriented" is the core value of NOKIA brand. It is the NOKIA concept consistent from beginning to end in the brand communication, all kinds of fun and convenient transfer NOKIA everywhere for the sake of consumers Spirit — users to fully enjoy the humanization of science and technology brings to consumers, achievement, fashion, personality and memorable experience. Under the guidance of the concept of advertising, NOKIA has gradually become a leading science and technology, has a personality, full of human nature of the brand; a bold innovation, quite taste, fashion and life of the brand. Step by step, the ultimate success of NOKIA King figure br.

      NetEase: fabric human power

      man’s power is limited, the power of the network is infinite. The NetEase’s slogan "fabric human power" >

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