when the Olympic flame was subjected to Anti China forces in foreign countries. Every Chinese all hated.

of the Chinese nation experienced hundreds of years of vicissitudes of history, years of humiliation. 2008 finally ushered in a jubilation of the Olympic Games, the 1 billion 300 million Chinese is so eager to host a successful Olympic Games!

but now we are still suffering from such bullying. Tibet egged on by Western powers, often interfere with our Torch relay. It is to let us Chinese. To denigrate our government and to discredit our people. It seems that we once again heard the "sick man of East Asia" harsh, the title of grief.

is now a reality once again in front of us, the torch relay encountered the biggest resistance of the two countries, is the 1840 shelling of Humen, the two countries;

is the most dissatisfied with China’s human rights and freedom of the country, is in 1900 in Beijing, the country’s eight countries….

was angry, really angry ~~~

the nation’s personal webmaster, is to use our own weak strength to defend the national dignity of the time.

although our personal Adsense belongs to a small group in the society, half of the country but we control the Internet’s personal website.

we control the dissemination of information network terminals, whether it is 90, 80 or even after the 70 generation of young people, are under the influence of our personal webmaster.

as long as we unite together, put on their own website with the national station grew up, the word patriotic advertising.

when all the personal webmaster has a red mark, when all the Chinese people angry.

we usually rely on the site to earn the cost of living, but now, he becomes our weapon. Let the site become a way to express our patriotism,

of our national spirit as the Olympic flame like never extinguished, will build the Chinese nation’s rejuvenation of the road forever the spirit of unremitting self-improvement.

we want to make all of China’s Web sites have such patriotic advertising. I hope every webmaster use the national station grew up patriotic advertising.

national Adsense alliance patriotic ad cited:





if the webmaster friends feel that these pictures are not satisfied, you can design. But patriotic ads should be unified at the bottom of the right to note that the national stand up alliance logo.

launch of this event: www.ad>

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