has a lot of new search engines (more than and 100 of the latest statistics) are creating a number of search technology innovation. Here is a list of 17 search innovations that we believe will be disruptive in the future (see here for disruptive innovation). These innovations can be divided into 4 categories: query preprocessing; information sources; algorithm improvement; results visualization and post-processing.

[some of these innovations are also in the presence of Google in a variety of products, but, as noted below, Google’s main search page is not a lack of these features, that is, the function is limited. ]

query preprocessing

The main purpose of this kind of improvement in

is to apply logic to try to predict the user’s intention and improve the input of the query.

1 Natural Language Processing

was originally created by Ask.com. At the same time, the most famous example is Hakia and Powerset, two different ways to try to understand the meaning or meaning behind the user query. These search engines and Google are very different, they think "ignore the word" (stopwords) is very important, such as conjunctions, to like by, for, about, of, in, Google usually ignore them.

2 personal relevance (also known as "personalized")

for a long time, we believe that according to a specific user’s interests and requirements to deal with queries, can get a higher relevance of search results. Google has supported this feature in its search engine, but needs to be logged in to use. Many users are naturally reluctant to do so, because this may give the Google to track the contents of its special search conditions. Even John Battelle thinks this idea is a bit scary, although Google’s Matt Cutts does not agree with this view. What is needed is a way to provide personalized search, although it is anonymous. From a broader perspective, the provision of multiple sites on the personalization will be more useful. Collarity is a search engine with this feature.

3 custom, dedicated search

this is a simple but powerful feature. A typical example is the application of SimplyHired, a vertical search engine of job recruitment, can provide a powerful and default search, such as "for older employees, allowed to work with the dog employer".

information source

these improvements focus on potential data sources: additional content types and restrictions on data sources, improve the reliability of the search results (to reduce spam).

4 new content type

young people today are just like

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