four portals legend has become the past, the pattern of the "big four portal" is gradually forming. The first generation of the godfather is old, the new godfather re established

four portals, the pattern of history

in China, the existence of four major portals has been a long time, it can be said that the "big four" along with the development of China’s Internet grew up.

four portals were established at the same time, the basic path of the early development of the same. At the outset, NetEase is the first portal consciousness, the earliest form of portal system. Then, later Sina has quickly climbed up to the top spot in the Chinese website, early established the first four portals position.

early sina is like the godfather of Malone, no pressure to play the first generation of Chinese online media industry godfather. Early fathers make people envy infinite, huge user coverage and a thriving advertising revenue. In the process of development of the four major portals in the leading position of sina seems to be too strong to break, also keep the pure information portal mode, Chinese media industry proud. However, with the rapid development of China’s Internet, the network media industry environment is changing. The four major portals, in addition to Sina, several other companies are actively trying to change, overtaking. On the road to change, NetEase chose the game, and gradually strengthen the construction of the vertical channel, Sohu is also actively seeking a diversified development route, while the formation of the portal matrix model. Since then, the NetEase play fast, 9 consecutive years of gaming revenue in the company accounted for more than 80% of the Sohu, Sogou input method, video, is also comfortable swim, which swim more Sohu that laid the golden eggs hen.


, the godfather like Sina Yiqijuechen, until 11 years of sina’s advertising revenue in the portal or in the first row.

but the godfather will be old, and what’s going on, everybody knows.

PC end decay, mobile terminal rise

as micro-blog entered the home, the four portals seem to see the dawn of social media, micro-blog reached the industry together again. After several years of pain, in the face of new opportunities, the old godfather to regain its glory. Then, pour the whole force of our Godfather announced, micro-blog reached full, generous, reckless investment. In so bold, the godfather of past glory, back! At micro-blog field, Sina quickly by large country. In 13 years, basically all the competitors strangling the godfather, became synonymous with micro-blog. In micro-blog, Sina has achieved great success, strong social Penguin Empire also show the white feather.

cloud, there must be the loss of income. Sina in the full development of micro-blog in recent years, the pace of development of the Sina portal gradually slowed down, unresponsive to the external environment. The author believes that sina for the development of the Internet is a huge risk China Mobile, micro-blog heat set off the desire of domestic users said that the Internet users to activate the social chain. What’s more, these social chains are activated

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