Beijing on June 11th news: according to foreign media reports, Facebook on Wednesday announced more details of the real name website, users can start from the United States time at noon on Saturday.

in the past, Facebook users generally use a digital coding of the web site, bad memory, the future Facebook will learn Myspace, the use of shape such as real name short url. Start the application time is york1:28 Saturday at 12 a.m., Beijing time Saturday at 12 p.m.. Fans, such as companies, brands and celebrities can also apply for the real name URL, but these pages must be registered before May 31st, and currently has no less than one thousand fans. Facebook said that the application of the real name URL to take the first come first, if the user’s name is more popular, such as John Smith, ahead of time for the wonderful.

in order to avoid a lot of people wantonly registered real name website, Facebook website provides that only three p.m. Tuesday before the registration of Facebook users can register on the website. Others can only apply after 28 days of this month. In the real name address, Facebook behind rival Myspace, Myspace website since the 2004 release date to allow users to use the real name web site, Myspace website said that at present there are 90% active users, registered this short easy to remember the real name.

Facebook has now become the world’s largest social networking site in the United States to catch up with the Myspace is only a matter of time. Recently, the site began testing station payment system, hoping to share a slice of the third party application developers.

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