10:19 on 07 December 2007, in foosun official forum, someone on behalf of the user issued a "foosun all say that" the public posting, uploading map spread rumors foosun business transformation. After the official investigation of the nuclear user IP for from Chengdu.

As the earliest foosun

Chinese open CMS service providers, is not only Chinese advocate open source CMS services, but also China open source CMS commercial CMS products to promote wind explorer, open source and professional service from the first day of the birth of the route, not only to promote the popularization and application of ASP station project in China also, and find a proper business model for the development of enterprises, open CMS commercial services but also for enterprises to choose a high-speed development of the fast lane. At present, in China, also has become the industry benchmark in the field of open source CMS, in Chengdu, Sichuan foosun CMS become the Internet industry proud.

in the Internet field, open source is a kind of "destructive forces", makes the IT field of well-known manufacturers began to re evaluate their business model, authorization license and product plans, because these have some of the patented technology and famous IT giants, now have also started to join the open field. IBM and Oracle has become a member of the open source organization Eclipse foundation, Sun has also taken up the open source route through Java,.Net Platform Developer Microsoft also has frequent initiatives in the open source.

in China, as a rapid development of the entrepreneurial team, as early as the wind has gone through wilderness era of personal heroism. Behind the rapid development of a number of wind is unknown to the public technical elite and elite sales, because of their different division of labor, may never walk into your sight, never smile upon you, maybe they just for you to solve the problem when you complain vent to like, perhaps every day they just silently in the preparation of products code, but it is their achievement foosun open source CMS with action today, foosun open source CMS project in the copyright and piracy under pressure never bow, more will not bow in tattle and prate.

at present, foosun open source CMS project has a long-term cooperation and Chinese million net, Western Digital, HUAWEI, Tencent, and other well-known enterprises in the industry comsenz. Foosun open source CMS project dare, chose China open source CMS Road, no matter how much pressure and risk, how much will foosun slings and arrows, and the vast majority of users go together. Believe in yourself, believe that foosun, Chinese Internet


released a new version of.Net in the inspection of CMS products, and also the two largest Internet site Comsenz industry’s top team to take full advantage of the Windows platform products easy to use and strong, low management cost, combined with the technological advantages, both in the dotNETCMS+Discuz NT system integration technology research "!

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