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scripts that Lenovo became the world’s PC sales leader after the spread of the repeat


at the press conference, a reporter asked: Lenovo has become the world’s largest PC manufacturers and what sense? Yang Yuanqing asked: do you know what is the highest peak in the world?." Yang Yuanqing asked: "second peak?" the reporter said: "k2." Yang Yuanqing asked again: "third peak?" the reporter said: "kanchenjunga". Yang Yuanqing concluded: "next time I do not accept the interview with a geographic professional reporter!"

fact is that the second peaks, the second lunar lander, who is the hero of the Chinese aerospace, most people may be difficult to give the answer to the second. Today, the inventory of the various segments of China’s Internet products in the second list, sort out the logic behind.

one, from the storm to take the initiative to claim the second

is due to the storm of the subway station, I was second child advertising inspired, I began to focus on China’s second company and products. The second position of the storm is very secret, there are some disputes. Prior to the various video sites have announced some of their indicators ranked first or second.

Baidu in May to $370 million acquisition of PPS, Iqiyi +PPS has become the second video market in terms of revenue and number of users, the boss is + Youku potatoes. Rumors in the case of the purchase of PPTV if successful landing, second position will be more intense competition.

video sites in the years after burn, is still in the state of the overall losses. Smart TV and the rise of the home Internet, the integration of the video market is coming. Video market competition is relatively full competition, did not open the gap, the first and second position will change by the merger and acquisition behavior at any time, then the second and third and fourth joint is likely to subvert the old position.

is therefore the first conclusion is: when the boss has stabilized, but did not become an oligopoly, the second has a great qualifying value, is a fierce competition for the object. Sikaoli according to 7-2-1 theory, mature market oligopoly formation, the second with twenty or thirty per cent of the. 2+1< 7, so even if the second and all the players outside the merger, is still the second child. Boss’s share of less than 5, the remainder of the share has a certain degree of concentration, the followers are likely to exceed the boss through the merger.

two, following the second position in these areas are fiercely contested

in addition to video, there are areas in which the second position has been fierce competition? Look at the boss share less than 50% of the industry will see the outcome.

1, B2C: Ari 2013 Q2 data: Tmall, Jingdong,, Tencent, Suning, 5%, amazon2.2%,, 50.8%. Jingdong is the second position with Tencent +QQ +QQ online shopping mall. The combined attack, suning.com is also quite positive.

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