virtual reality has finally come, and better than we thought. Currently, in the field of leading enterprises, including Oculus, Facebook, Samsung, HTC, Valve, SONY, of course, as well as Google. Behind them is a huge ecosystem of developers, designers, and people who are full of hope for the future of virtual reality. I have listed over 250 very promising virtual reality company, the total amount of their financing more than $4 billion, with a total market capitalization of $15 billion.

global virtual reality company overview

virtual reality is no longer an empty concept, and now the question is, when will it be popular?

In fact,

, virtual reality technology can be traced back to the 80 century, in 90s, at that time, although there is no consumer virtual reality products, but many of the world’s academic institutions and military research laboratory in this cutting-edge technology research and development. Today, the modern virtual reality technology, the process and the original PC came out from the lab, and become the mainstream consumer consumption is very similar to the virtual reality products now not only has a reasonable price, high quality of experience.

at the present stage, the global virtual reality in the field with more than 200 thousand developers, at least 700 start-ups, including those giants of science and technology mentioned above, the virtual reality is no longer an empty concept, the question now is, what time is it able to spread. Some people started out as a virtual reality enthusiast, then turned into a developer, and ultimately devoted to it, which is a rapid development, the evolution of the ecosystem is very important.

virtual reality industry, a lot of start-up companies get a lot of financial support, and the transformation of the user experience is to attract the attention of the media. But in fact, we really need to focus on, is that in the early stages or "diving" virtual reality startups, in addition, by referring to those who have access to investment or to get media attention of the company, we must understand the worth of investment in the field of virtual reality where. Of course, given the virtual reality industry more exposure is also very important, so that not only will there be more cooperation, there will be more people willing to engage in this industry.

below, let us look at the virtual reality industry trends.

trend 1: virtual reality is great, but there is still a long way to go

Oculus, SONY Valve and the production of virtual reality equipment more affordable, but these devices still need to solve technical problems through better design, such as wearing virtual reality equipment too long will lead to "motion sickness". Of course, virtual reality has a lot of room for optimization in many areas, such as the retina screen and tactile feedback, but it has to be said that the first generation of virtual reality systems (usually bundled with desktop computers or games)

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