why China does not have IMDb: standardization of information needs and the difficulty of UGC

        IMDb (Internet Movie Database, Internet Movie Database) is an online database of American film and television information, including the user of the film score, comments, praising a movie occasionally used "IMDb score how much less to express, to explain its position. It was founded in October 17, 1990, was acquired by Amazon in 1998.

this article from the known users magasa answer, we only select one on the standardization of information and UGC (user generated content) website construction problems, digital and bold subtitle edit add view arrangement, welcome to discuss.

asked: watercress (micro-blog) film and time network are very good, but it seems not as authoritative and comprehensive as IMDb. Why China does not have IMDb?

Answer: no more than

Chinese IMDb, who can imagine what China do well with massive data standardization information website? No matter what field, especially in the world all the. Anyway, I don’t know.

has the answer to the success of IMDb attributed to the needs of Amazon commodity sales, do not understand the history. IMDb long before the acquisition of Amazon is a very rich UGC site. Most of the entries on the IMDb, there is no audio and video products sold, the proportion is estimated at more than 95%, but still contains a relatively rich content.

is indeed the same time with the watercress network and IMDb positioning is not the same, if from the perspective of information and functionality, these two sites can provide most of the IMDb is also available. Time network more biased data collection and collation, watercress film in this regard does not seem to have any attempt. A long time ago, I forgot who I said, like watercress think improving the film information is not a very important thing? Sorry, watercress movie for me experience is very bad, the main reason is the lack of a database support.

1, there is no need for standardized information: perhaps it can be said that China’s film culture can not support the needs of the construction of a IMDb. A lot of people feel that watercress to see the story and starring list is enough, no other information. We have not been able to find a just released on the Internet, a full list of domestic film production staff, we are accustomed to, and not many people think that there is a need.

2, the site of the gene is different: a difference, IMDb is a group of fans founded website, time network and watercress are programmers founded website.

3, IMDb to protect the quality of the UGC system

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