December 1st, Alibaba’s universal station software and service provider phpwind announced the release code named cheetah official version of phpwind8.3. It is understood that this is the product in the continuation of the previous version of a good reputation in the electronic commerce open service and program efficiency, after a year in the phpwind R & D personnel technical preparation and development after closed after a few months, pay more attention to the details of the experience, launched faster, running more stable version. The new version in the details of the experience of improvements reached more than 120, and the optimization and repair technology innovation more than 10 and more than 400, the product performance and is more stable and light load.

· data base to optimize the overall system performance significantly improved

Phpwind8.3 reached 12 in the optimization and innovation of the underlying data, the main role in the realization of the real-time search, convenient to develop two times and the page load time efficiency and load is reduced greatly, make the program more easy and stable bearing capacity of large scale data at the same time, more convenient according to the demand expansion and fast search.

· personal space re layout using more smooth

personal space has been an important site for young users to show their personality, to meet the needs of friends. The new version of personal space, not only add 20 sets of templates to facilitate the user to freely choose, but also a lot of details of the experience on the foot of the effort. Such as daily punch, medal, tasks, new friends birthday lights, enhancing the interaction among members; and in order to facilitate the operation of the new station, fixed position and recommended advertisement display

· page reading experience optimization information to read more concise

is reported that, phpwind product team has been widely used to collect the product experience. In the 8.3 version of the update, the phpwind research team for the posts list and post content page of the experience of dozens of details of the optimization scheme; the new picture showed improvement in reading multiple posts reading experience.

deserves further attention is, in this version of the update, there is a "intelligent search advertising," the function of webmaster through the background settings, users in the search, can display and search keywords, ads. For example, users in the community in search of "BMW", not only will be referred to the relevant posts the keywords in the community, will also be matched to the "BMW" and related advertising, such as the car market activities, which is expected to help owners improve advertising matching, increase the webmaster related advertising income.

according to the phpwind official, lock products and the community to create the value of the media phpwind8.0 released the same day in the portal, has exceeded 300 thousand downloads, and the performance of single core multi mode "development philosophy, excellent win.

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