after the end of the fight with the United States for several years, Zhang Jindong followed the pace of Ma Yun, led his empire to take a new path of change. This time the opponent is not the same, but the opponent is not the opponent.

and network business empire Alibaba, retail giant Suning will also beat the drum of change. Many insiders, in order to cope with the challenges of the electricity supplier, Suning will from the annual plan, organizational structure, business strategy, personnel arrangements and other aspects of the overall adjustment, the current program has been basically established and communicated to the senior internal, or this week announced.

in the past few quarters, Suning performance obviously reflects the power from the electricity supplier: store performance in general, but the rapid growth of

based on earnings, Suning Appliance three quarter operating income of $72 billion 431 million, an increase of 7.1%, attributable to the parent company net profit of $2 billion 352 million, down by 31.28%. Single quarter, the third quarter operating income of $25 billion 240 million, an increase of 7.89%, attributable to the parent company’s net profit of $598 million, down by 36.92%.

among them, the most critical indicator – line store with the same store growth for -10.11%. National securities analyst Zhao Xiandong said that the same store negative growth in addition to the decline in demand due to poor macroeconomic, the most important factor is the continued development of online sales.

, by contrast, rapid growth in 2012, the total income of 18 billion 336 million yuan, although not at the beginning of the year sales target of 20 billion yuan, but compared with 2011 has achieved 210.8% growth. Suning’s main rival Jingdong mall 2011 net sales of 21 billion yuan, in 2012 turnover of 60 billion, an increase of only 185%.

ten years, is not the opponent’s rival

Suning stimulation is deeper billion yuan business ma and Wang Jianlin gamble. In 2012 CCTV economic person of the year awards ceremony, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin and chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba Ma gamble, to 2020, if the electricity supplier in the China retail market, the retail market share of 50% to one hundred million Ma, Wang Jianlin, or Ma Yun to Wang Jianlin one hundred million.

Ma Yun believes that electricity providers can not completely replace the retail industry, but it will basically replace". Wang Jianlin believes that the electricity supplier is still very small share of the retail channel still has a unique existence value, and retailers to take measures to actively respond to. Must adhere to traditional industries, but on the basis of traditional industries, as far as possible to innovation, but also to learn from ma."

pointed out that Suning chairman Zhang Jindong in the speech, if according to this assumption, the next ten years the consumer market, don’t cut half of sales, now all retail enterprises will lose profits and survival ability. He recognized >

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