] reading fast bag on-line on the first day, there has been concern or to pay attention to our friends asked: one hour of arrival, there is a demand? Is not true? In the forest of giant and the smoke of the electricity market, an ant living space where? Where is the competition even a small force? Electricity supplier so mini life necessary,



fast bag founder Xu Zhiming

for three years, thankfully, he is still, and still go forward. This is a very good thing for me and my colleagues. If the beginning is mentally disturbed, walked all the way down, now is more and more centering. I believe that fast bag has its own vitality, will continue to grow, whether it is fast or slow. Thank you for three years on acquaintance fast bag did not know my friends, I will put my understanding of "why he can survive the reason, do a honest with you.

1, 1 hours arrival is a demand.

is the 1 hour delivery requirement?. 1 hours after the arrival of the real needs of the fast meet, is the time limit commitment, the customer can control the purchase process, is reliable. That’s what every consumer, including myself, needs. This is also the beginning of my business for the fast bag of 1 hours to reach the meaning of the definition. Many customers also love with the fast bag time to send (a day agreed within 1 hours of time, the same service).

2, accurate positioning, keep the direction.

thanks to my previous years of experience in the advertising industry, "positioning" in me is not a word, is a way of thinking. I gave the fast positioning of the bag is the online selection of convenience stores, the positioning to today, has not changed. Many of my friends asked: he is not selling books? How also sell food? Also sells groceries? Also sell flowers? Is not enough to make money selling books, live? Frankly, from the book to start, step by step to expand the category, which is already set a good strategy. Because the book is one of the earliest category electricity supplier development, is one of the most easy to accept online shopping category, plus my own years of experience before the retail book and publishing the book, from the start, the easiest and most convenient.

3, low cost, control scale.

fast bag little investment, can not afford to burn money, so we have been cautious in spending money. Before Gao Zhihong tells himself to do the story, did not say a word of a lie, is to save money, for the live time and opportunity, but dare to spend more money, also do not need to take a liberal arts students forced into the webmaster. Money, my principle is: wages can not be high enough, but must not be in arrears, not a day; try to fight with suppliers, but the payment of the purchase price, a certain guarantee; the other, can save the province. Office space is not big enough, we crowded together, office conditions are not good enough, we endure together >

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