recently, intelligent language data correcting cloud service provider "sentence correction based on cool" (hereinafter referred to as "*") has been announced, Jiangsu high tech investment group (Jiangsu high investment) investment fund Adams Zijin culture capital management subsidiary million yuan.

is currently carrying out a series of technical research based on large data has become an important measure for countries to seize the commanding heights of the future of science and technology. In the mobile Internet era, the promotion of English language learning and communication ability is still the main obstacle for China to gain more rights in the world. The traditional application of big data in the field of language mainly focused on vocabulary and oral English learning, such as Youdao Dictionary and iFLYTEK NetEase speech recognition products. One cool correcting network is the first big data used in English writing in the field of Internet Co, team members mainly from Microsoft, Baidu and Kingsoft and other high-tech companies, English writing machine by means of independent intellectual property rights reform, since June 28, 2011 officially launched on the website, there are more than 1600 schools nearly 40 thousand English teachers have the real name registration, about 3000000 student users, a total of nearly 50 million articles correcting English composition, including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Nanjing University, Fudan University and other schools will have "*" into daily teaching. "*" was also named the Zhongguancun golden seed enterprises and Beijing special funds to support the development of cultural innovation, and selected "Nanjing 321" plan to support key projects in Jiangsu province and the "management plan" is a typical case of Nanjing city and Zhongguancun talent strategic cooperation, the company at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and the Nanjing University have set up R & D center school enterprise cooperation.

Adams capital managing director Zhou Chunfang said, there are more than 100 million students in learning English every year in our country, the country is promoting the socialization of English exam and big data technology matures this area will bring new opportunities for investment, we mainly consider "*":

first, "*" in the technical formation of higher barriers, accumulated about 3000000000 corpora and more than 50 million of the learners. Beijing language intelligence experts sentence cool and Tsinghua University, Peking University and other famous universities to set up a joint collaborative research institute, the introduction of artificial intelligence China association chairman Li Deyi academicians as chief scientist, research institute was formally established in 1 years is a major Commission approved the national social science project "the language of data mining and cultural value found", display the company’s strong R & D strength.

second, marking network will be fully integrated user operations and business models, on-line more than three years that has accumulated more than 1600 colleges and universities and students of the user. For schools or institutions to provide operations, competitions and examinations and other services, business model is clear, and through the service schools, only new students per year, you can get the natural growth of millions of users.

third, marking network team is very strong comprehensive quality. Whether the team is a technical background, market experience or operational level, are first-class. It is important that they do not

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