website development must be user oriented

I always think: "the site should be user oriented, rather than search engine." Although some people say: "a site welcomed by users, may not be welcomed by the search engine. In view of the current part of the search engine technology is lagging behind and the increasingly serious human intervention, we can not ask any one site are subject to fair treatment and good search engine experience.

, however, this does not prevent most web search engine experience. From the search engine user experience, it is true. Search engine look forward to the ideal situation is to give the name of the user in fact, the site to get a real sense of development must also be realistic user oriented.

I think the website in its development work, should carry out several aspects:

one. Add useful content to users

is the user to my website is to acquire knowledge and information, I will combine their own organization advantage to provide information to the user excellent, it can shape my brand new products, can I spread, let customers benefit businesses is wise. For example, I will use my products placed with the instructions on the website, the quality and technical parameters, certificate, the recently updated dynamic, where to buy, generally price, allowing users to my confidence and trust products;

two. Frequently updated website content is responsible for the user

gives users useful information to the user and often spread information, is responsible for the user, the user in the course of time, because the benefit here and buy my product, and I have to trust more attitude, I will win more lasting customer relationships; my business and therefore more benefit, and lasting growth;

three. Web site to design online feedback system

With the advantages and disadvantages of

users not only want to get product on my website, sometimes old customers want to give me some advice on the product, but he (she) is not willing to personally call, he only wants to leave a message or send an email, I will promptly reply to her online, if you have to leave contact information, I will do may Eamil personally reply to him, and may give him the phone, and hope to visit him, if he is willing to. Feedback is so important that it is even a bridge between the customer and my business and organization will benefit from it;

four. My site is a clear structure, clear navigation users come to the net station can be that he is to introduce products or user exchange area, or he is browsing the web is in the message area, I don’t want to lose the user on my website and I hate to close the site window, I may therefore make my enterprise image, so that his mouth is very bad.

five. Face to face

an excellent site is the first to focus on practical, not only is the facade, but also for enterprises, organizations or individuals to maintain and extend the brand. To >

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