There are a lot of ways to increase the external links on the

network, but most of them are looking for high quality and related website links. Unidirectional links are more important than this two-way link. The so-called one-way links, that is, the other sites to your site on a unilateral link. It will not only affect the site PR, and only one-way links to increase the reverse link Alexa ranking, this in the previous article has discussed:

I’m going to talk about this method today has a number of commercial sites in the use of. This method is not free, you need to make a small investment, but the return is definitely greater than investment.

first of all, we need to produce some of the items, such as I gave my station made promotional T-shirts, as long as the cost of about 10-20 blocks, cotton, and the quality is quite good.

and then look for the PR3-4 website (small, too low too high may be unwilling to), after some communication, said free T-shirts, many owners are still students or young, generally happy, which then invited him on the site add your link. Of course, you can also watch the theme is: with a T-shirt for the link.

here to say two things: 1, it is best to find some of the station for a long time, such sites have more credibility, not a few days later removed your links; 2, looking for blog links easier, because blogs are generally non-profit, and blog PR are generally not low.

finally, just waiting to see your site weight changes and the last time this year PR update.

this method is much better than buying links, links to buy at least one month to more than 20, and the number of links to sell links to sites of normal friendship are very much, including Baidu PW station, not included links, very little effect or even harmful.

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