micro District in chowhound has never lacked keepsake, a tea egg, a basket of fruit, a jar of bird’s nest…… This is the preferred food, but also into the marketing channels of explosion.

a year ago, no one would have thought that the sun delicacy in WeChat circle of friends of men and women "Green Tea bitch" eventually evolved into a shrewd businessman. The world is like this, if you are just addicted to gluttony, did not catch the pace of micro business at top speed, it can only be relegated to a will not work in the chowhound.

[the people to do his art] chowhound,



# micro file #

shop name: hi hi ingredients

category: food grain vegetables and tea wine leisure with other recipes

where the platform: Taobao, micro shop (Pocket shopping launched mobile app store) and other

mobile phone store course: in October 2013 the opening of the mobile phone shop, homeopathy development, from the very beginning of the current account for half of the sales share.

mobile phone sales: mobile phone sales accounted for about 50% of total sales

# micro impression #

the small shops, not to earn what money, but have a taste. SKU rarely, but the shop owner of food selection, shop design and product pictures are very concerned about, do not.

# micro tip #

This kind of food is more suitable for

to low customer price, standardization and other characteristics of the development of mobile terminal, easy to capture a number of sleepless night chowhound. In the mobile terminal, things like food did not put the egg on the phone Taobao a basket, WeChat has become an important tool to maintain its old customers, contributing to sales.

we do is a niche brand, my first accurate positioning target groups, and lock them for effective promotion. Because of the high demand for ingredients, our customers have a fixed circle, (in fact, do anything with a fixed circle), our task is to lock them, and then maintain them.

We will encourage customers to add

to our WeChat business concept to Taobao business community, often something that forced two, conversational, exchange opinions and ideas, or when new membership activities, many VIP direct link to go to buy stamps.

in addition, our WeChat side is mainly to do with the pocket shop micro shop. One advantage of the mobile terminal is to be able to stimulate the purchase at any time, and the distance between people will be more intimate, PC side is to buy things will go to see, which is more optimistic about the reasons for the mobile phone side.

Not afraid not afraid of

[egg egg egg]

micro shop



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