the 21 day culture of the Great Wall recently announced that the company received the approval of the Commission approved the private placement of shares to apply, the non-public offering of shares to raise matching funds of not more than 494 million 500 thousand yuan, will be used to purchase the education equity of 80%, after the completion of the transaction, lianxun education will become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Great Wall culture.


with an announcement that the Commission approved the culture of the Great Wall to Xu high radium issued 23 million 772 thousand and 800 shares to Guangzhou Shangrong Cci Capital Ltd issued 3 million 38 thousand and 600 shares to buy assets, valid for 12 months. In a statement, the culture of the Great Wall intends to purchase its holdings of 80% shares to lianxun education Xu Gaolei 6 lianxun education shareholders issued shares and pay cash to the specific issue of shares to raise matching funds, the total price of 100% assets to raise matching funds does not exceed the standard of the purchase transaction.

It is reported that

, lianxun education was founded in January 2004, mainly engaged in the operation of B2C comprehensive education information service platform. The company’s main business is the use of mobile communications, the Internet, cloud computing, big data technologies such as the construction of education information platform, to provide services for K12 education, occupation education informatization, and provide solutions for the occupation college training room.

early in January 2015 to 40 million yuan in the the Great Wall cultural capital holdings Xun antithetical couplet education, 20%. In February 2016, the Great Wall announced that the cultural counterparty intends to issue shares and pay cash price of 576 million yuan to acquire 80% stake in lianxun education, more than 5 months after the final approval. Buy the remaining 80% in the lianxun education equity after the completion of lianxun education will become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Great Wall culture.

culture the Great Wall in June 2010, mainly engaged in the development of cultural and artistic ceramics design, production and sales. The company in 2015 operating income of 445 million yuan, down 0.82%, net profit of 12 million 390 thousand and 100 yuan, an increase of 47.46%, the traditional industry development slowed down in 2015 for the first time to enter the field of education, in addition to lianxun education, also tried to invest the crystal ball education and WiseNews education, and initiated the establishment of the scale of 2 billion education industry mergers and acquisitions fund.

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