a, registered Google AdSense

to Google home page registration. If you previously registered Google AdWords (Google ad – the right to pay the right to promote the promotion) then you can use your Google AdWords password login, opened Google AdSense.

Google tips do not support the Chinese, the registration of the letter

need to fill in

the account information you entered is as follows: (XX represents the information of the hidden webmaster)


payee: Wang Xiaobo or Xiaobo Wang (this information must not be wrong, once submitted can never be changed. Surname, name order according to Chinese habits, can also according to English habits reversed) address: Room 102,
City State, province or region: Jiangsu


please make sure all the information is correct before continuing. After

two, waiting for Google letter

waited for two days, Google letter reads as follows:


Title: _Google_AdSense

your Google AdSen>

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