London August 29th news: according to the "Labor News" reported that the "friends" in the name, it is engaged in "matchmaker" service, charge high fees from, even the acquiescence of dragons and fishes jumbled together. Reporters yesterday from the city of matchmaking Industry Association to understand, at present, the civil affairs department and the Commission by letter in hand, will be for the future there is no matchmaking access card dating sites, strict supervision, if found serious violations, immediately blacklisted.

to create the first brand of Chinese dating network, China’s most serious and serious love and marriage website, the high success rate of white-collar elite dating preferred"…… Such dating sites. The reporters found that the special love dating site claiming to be "the most serious" and "professional" and "security", "the highest success rate" and other words appear high frequency, for young men and women to marry, apparently quite tempting.

however, initially only with "friends" appeared in front of the public have these sites, when the "matchmaker". Not only that, once in some dating sites people found the traps, huntuo, marriage cheat even frequent wine holder. Even more amazing is the high membership fee, part of the site registration fee will be 100 yuan, organizing activities under the line participation fee even up to a thousand dollars above.

"strictly speaking, no matchmaking access card, is engaged in matchmaking services, these dating sites are illegal operation." President Zhou Juemin said Shanghai matchmaking industry association.

reporter survey found that many dating sites are technology companies, information companies, consulting companies and other registration.

Zhou Juemin said that the website "chaos", has caused the authorities attention. Previously, the media repeated shelling Jiayuan, has been registered under the requirements of online "legitimate business store".

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