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short video + live this fire, burning what industry opportunities?

in May and June this year, live full flowering, with net red, celebrities, farmers’ potential, whole industry set off a tide of public opinion live in the mainland, like a wildfire sweeping many villages in the city on both sides of the Changjiang River lit. Fire fire fire fire. Live this fire, to the industry what changes and opportunities?

one, from the perspective of personal privacy visualization

first, there is a phenomenon of privacy visualization on the internet. Early, individual users in online image, only an anonymous ID and avatar, your privacy, and the relationship between ID understood; later, a lot of fun self photos into the circle of friends, so the main function of Meitu Xiu Xiu pictures landscaping and other types of APP begin to flow, your privacy privacy is no longer a start a "naked" display; today, a short video and live there, with the depth of the result of the implementation of the real name system, personal image does not bind with light person’s true identity strictly together, plus a lot of vivid video, so you can collect someone image data, and the rich, even in one day in the future, the Internet may be more familiar with human than human beings.

secondly, privacy visualization reinforces personal influence. More and more users do not meet the short video time limit, requiring longer image display. For example, the United States at the beginning of the line hit 10 seconds short video, six months later into a second second, and later became a 5 minute, in January of this year, the United States simply shoot the live line, not limited to long. Short video and live technology combined to form a number of personalized IP, these IP, to enhance the personal influence, the formation of value.

again, props and reward is to promote the realization of value. From the point of view of the value of the realization of a platform not only to contribute to the production and consumption of content, but also to facilitate market transactions. There are two layers of meaning, first, the emergence of the realization of the tool. For example, the United States to shoot 5 version not only live props, but also the creation of a short video props, released a short video can also get income. Second, to promote market transactions. At present, the main performance of the audience for the audience to play the award, I think the future can also increase the props between the audience transactions, and even play a reward. Of course, I think there may be a more exciting form of the transaction – let the host to give fans a reward, you think about the hot points of the answer.

realizable value, depending on whether the platform has the scale effect. According to the June 14 U.S. and Japan to celebrate the birthday of the second anniversary of the disclosure of the data, the United States shot live since the beginning of this year on the line in January, just six months, the cumulative number of live broadcast has reached 9 million 520 thousand, the cumulative number of viewers by 570 million. In the face of such figures, all gone to traditional television, only out of the knee.

however, whether it is or the number of audience screenings worth mentioning, these figures do not.

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