personal investment and financial income considerable attractive behind the promise, often hidden gold scam. Mr. Huang, Guangdong, Zhongshan fell into the trap". At the end of March this year, he passed a venture capital financial macro website, a month after the investment of several million yuan, the site suddenly shut down, unable to contact.

received a report after Mr. Wong, Zhongshan police investigation, successfully arrested 3 suspects. As of the time they were arrested, they defrauded more than 1000 yuan of funds, the victims of more than 90 people, all over Guangdong, Shanghai and other provinces and cities.

since July this year, the Ministry of public security organs to carry out the national public security organs to carry out a six-month crackdown on cyber crime net net action". August 18th, the Ministry of Public Security announced net net action ten typical cases, the case in which Zhongshan ranked.

net loan financing attractive high return

P2P net loan is a way of private lending in recent years, the typical pattern is: the network provides a platform of credit, debit and credit free auction, brokered transactions; investors receive interest income from loans and risk; the borrower to repay principal and interest, the network credit intermediary fees charged from the company.

at the end of March this year, often for personal finance Mr. Huang noticed a P2P net loan finance website. The site was formally launched in March 16th, is promoting. After Mr. Huang found that the site has registered in the business sector, they joined the site QQ group, after consulting the customer service staff, that the site is worth investing.

Mr. Huang said: "the website page looks very formal, the borrower will provide identity information, proof of collateral items, signed a loan contract, as well as site visits, photos, etc., not like a lie. The annual rate of investment in the site (the annual interest rate) of 20% or more, is considerable." Thus, from April onwards, Mr. Wong began to invest in this site.

, according to Mr Wong, because the site has just opened, in order to attract investors, hangs out every day two were 100 thousand yuan "s standard". Second standard that is, some of the immediate release of the proceeds of the site’s investment products, yields between 0.6% to 1%, after a few hours in general, even a few minutes to recover the principal and income. Mr. Huang tried to shoot the second mark, and soon earned some money. Customer service staff told him to continue to invest in the second standard, you need to invest in the first month (in the month of the unit to calculate the return on investment), Mr. Huang has 8 times on the site to invest a total of more than 5 yuan. But soon, the site will disappear.

is more than a yellow man. Victim paid to invest 130 thousand yuan in this site, found the company’s QQ group suddenly dissolved. Hit the customer service phone no answer, the site can not open, only to find themselves cheated.


to make money off.

Zhongshan police quickly formed a task force to investigate. Police handling the case, said the site through the Internet fraud, victims of all

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