is a website in order to survive and develop, not only need to have knowledge and skills Webmaster Station Network, search engine optimization ability, more need to understand the customer, have some sales related social psychology effect, understand the network marketing, network marketing. A successful webmaster, should be compound talents, in order to ease the network tide. This article will introduce eight and site sales are closely related to the social psychology effect, for the webmaster reference.

The psychological effects of

and avoid the


is the starting point of all the economic activities, but also drives all economic activities. This is the most basic psychological effect of sales, but it is also the most easily forgotten rules. Webmasters often have a misunderstanding, as long as the site is good, you can attract readers and customers, as long as the product is good, you can sell well. In fact, a good site, good products to be too numerous to enumerate the dead, what is the reason? It is not to allow customers to "profit" or "harm avoidance".

on the site, or when selling products, we must always ask yourself, my website and products to customers the benefits of where? And allow customers to avoid what harm? Make clear these, your site will only have a clear direction, but also have a competitive advantage.

two, conformity psychological effect

although people are now self proclaimed, but the herd mentality is still the most basic psychological effects. From the "old 3", and later the "new three", but also to the TV, VCD, DVD, computer, house, car shopping trend, there is a masterpiece of conformity. The modern network set off a frenzy, such as last year, Taobao group purchase "seckill", "singles day" shopping in the Internet era, the power of the network in the enlarged conformity effect.

human beings are social animals, herd mentality is the fundamental attribute of social animals. For webmasters to come from two aspects to make use of the herd effect. We can utilize the conformity effect from product sales, such as sales of products, through the display of this product to buy the number of people on the show have purchased products from customers to stimulate the purchase of psychological conformity. You can also describe the benefits of the use of other products in the sale of soft text, to stimulate the purchasing psychology of conformity.

the second is to use the herd mentality to set off frenzy to create your website or product, this is an advanced topic in the network marketing, such as event marketing, viral marketing and so on. Now due to the lower threshold of the network, everyone has the right to speak, a person is not the Internet craze of distant thing.

three and 250 law

the sociological law is summed up by Jo Gilad, America’s greatest salesman. It means that each customer has 250 relatives, friends, you offend the customer, he will tell the 250, you will lose the name of the 250

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