in the traditional sense refers to the commodity selling point has hitherto unknown, out of the ordinary characters or create new styles. These features and characteristics, is a product of innate, on the other hand is creativity through marketing planning imagination, to produce "out of thin air". In the network promotion Zero the word "selling point" is understood as a unique "propaganda point"". Such as Zero’s PHP blog with "zero" as the site’s publicity, such publicity will stir up those who did not enter and are preparing to enter the industry of great interest. Site selling point of excavation, is the initial stage of network promotion, but also the most important stage of network promotion. How to successfully tap the selling point of a site, the site is very important for the latter part of the promotion. So how to successfully tap a website propaganda point Zero think should do the following:

1, identify the target user group

is your site for which users? How wide coverage? These are factors that must be in before selling mining needs to figure out! You are the young or old, are you doing propaganda for male or female (this is the range of people, you do) area propaganda or national publicity (this is the geographical scope) are you doing propaganda, for the real estate industry and financial industry (the industry)…… These are the things you need to know before you dig into a web site, because the selling point of the site can be created, and the selling point is established

2, learn to create a selling point for the site

identify the user base, identify the target customers, we have to create a target site can attract customers selling point. The selling points must be unique and attractive. The creation of the selling point needs to analyze the target user’s habits, hobbies, geography and so on. It provides a good reference for domestic examples of many large web sites in this regard, Zero China think Internet is a parody of others, with Google we have Baidu with ICQ, we have QQ, is also a parody of the recent popular group purchase products. But the surprise is that these copycats but without exception in Chinese success, and those who are imitators was almost exclusively by the bitter defeat. Two talk about the most familiar with our company! Is a tight Chinese market Toubajiaoyi search Baidu, one is to transfer positions google. One is the world’s search engine market leader Google, one is China’s search for the emperor baidu. Why do not win the world giants China soil pressure over the emperor, why the bright younger generation industry leader. I think more than Zero wonder, many people in the industry are wondering. On the technical strength, theory of propaganda, on the user experience, the value of Google in the search at Baidu? On the social influence of Google and the inferior to the baidu image, but the reality is that the success of Baidu?, Google failed! A lot of people do not understand, Zero also puzzled. Many experts don’t understand

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